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Hermes: Innovation

myAlgos (Algos is the ancient Greek word for any pain) is an integrated system which offers clinicians, patients and caregivers an electronic environment, where innovative automated procedures address their own different perspectives for remote monitoring, supported self-management and enhanced communication and cooperation.
It consists of an interaction automation engine which coordinates the operation and communication of a web and native (iOS & Android) mobile applications.

The innovation in our software compared to other systems supporting patient monitoring or self-management is found in the combination of:

· The innovative interaction automation engine which allows clinicians to design and create, through a visual editor, their preferred algorithms regarding remote patient monitoring, personalized treatment and self-management plans.
Algorithms which are eventually saved in the system become automatically coded and by a click of a button, instantly available for integration in myAlgos system.

· A collaborative electronic environment that allows all different stakeholders (clinicians and medical staff, patients, caregivers) to engage, stay informed and communicate through interfaces designed from their own, different perspective.

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