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Building Relationships in Healthcare

Improving Quality of Life

Hermes Healthcare is dedicated in developing solutions which advance the quality and strength of communication and collaboration between stakeholders who are involved in the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic diseases.

Hermes Healthcare is a new comer and a highly promising company in the field of healthcare.

Founded in 2017, Hermes Healthcare is a sophisticated, healthcare technology company which combines technological expertise with medical practice's deep knowledge and experience.


The new era of chronic diseases’ clinical management requires a more patient centered approach, which demolishes physical and geographical boundaries and remotely enhances clinicians’ and patients’ communication and collaboration.

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Pharma & Medical Device

Healthcare payers’ new policies, requiring patient reported outcomes data for purchasing new medicines and medical devices, transforms the philosophy of pharmaceutical and medical device companies regarding clinical research, justification of treatments’ outcomes and patient support programs.

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Modern, health insurance policy is not any more just a treatment payer, but instead, by exploiting technological breakthroughs in healthcare, a patient’s partner, who provides him with prevention and self-management solutions, assisting him to be engaged and more active in his health condition management.

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